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We opened up shop in 2003 with a passion for building brands and telling stories, growing into a smart and efficient creative studio specializing in presentation and identity design for high-performing, complex businesses.


The Home Team


Ashley Smithers, RGD

An award-winning designer and strategist with over 15 years of industry experience, Ashley sets the tone for how we tell our clients’ stories.

Ashley loves to bridge creative expression with clear, concise business strategies. She looks at every story with the investor and user at the top of mind, using high recall and tested processes to marry the human aspect of your business with clear, ambitious success metrics that drive your industry. Ashley shifts comfortably from strategy and storytelling to art direction and visual design, expertly navigating cannabis, CPG, pharma, resources and technology clients.

Ashley began her career as an industrial designer before shifting into creative direction and strategy, working in North America, the UK and East Africa. She is a former member of RGD Ontario’s Ethics Board, 
a curler, an archer, and a cheese savant.